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Why it does for You:

  • MAXIMIZES Skin Health
  • REDUCES Signs of Aging
  • BRIGHTENS Dull Complexion

Primary benefits:

  • Reduces discolorations & pigmentations of the skin
  • Fades age spots and freckles

Active C20 Complex – PRODUCT OVERVIEW

Active C20 Complex by the Natural Skin Shop provides a time released solution that helps increase the Vitamin C absorption into the skin. This in turn, boosts the cell renewing process and builds the collagen level as well.  It has been shown to fade and reduce: discoloration, skin pigmentation, age spots and freckles, as well as other skin related problems and issues. 

It is a powerful solution for greatly diminishing wrinkles, increasing skin moisture, improving the elasticity levels of the skin; thus giving you a considerably improved looking skin and thus enjoying your life with great self esteem and happiness. It has the capacity to heal damaged skin due to sunlight exposure.  Daily usage of this formula is recommended in order to get the maximum results for your skin.


Active C20 Complex helps with protecting your skin from the Sun’s radiation. It contains high amounts of anti oxidants which inhibit the movement of free radicals.  It is known to reverse the damaging effects of diseases that impact the skin.

As some of us may know, age spots are caused by the sun’s radiation, and they are not a pretty thing to have on your skin. They are also known as “photo aging”.  These age spots can appear in a variety of ways on the skin, which can be quite embarrassing at times.

Active C20 Complex’s potent and clinically tested formula eradicates these issues by boosting the collagen foundations in the skin, resurfacing the skin, increasing its elasticity, and helping skin discoloration to disappear. 

The presence of Vitamin C in this formula is essential because it enhances the resilience of the skin; helps stop acne production and breakouts, removing lines and wrinkles on the face. This product is also used to protect you against the Sun, so it is a great sunscreen and sunburn protection for the skin as well.

Active C20 Complex – PROS

  • All the ingredients are listed for this product on the merchant website.
  • Active C20 Complex formula is well suited for ALL Skin Types.   
  • Active C20 Complex’s time tested clinical formula has the ability to ward off and repair hyper pigmentations and discolorations of the skin in a potent manner.
  • This product has a very high Vitamin C skin absorption formula, which produces amazing results for your skin.
  • This product helps with you having a more radiant and better looking skin.
  • Active C20 Complex helps your skin to become smoother and shinier, but without feeling any greasiness.    

Active C20 Complex- CONS

  • There is no free sample available for purchasing this product.
  • There is no free shipping available for this product.


It is strongly recommended that Active C20 Complex be used regularly on a daily basis to see optimal outcomes. In addition, one should have clear expectations and not expect to obtain quick results overnight. However, with regular usage over a period of time, you should be able to see great results with this product like many thousands of other people who have been regularly using Active C20 Complex.

One should keep in mind that the presence of Vitamin C in this formula along with other ingredients keeps a healthy balance to the skin and helps resolve numerous skin problems.  So why wait for another opportunity to get younger again?  Jump on board and get this product today, so that the aging process can he halted or even reversed.


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