Age-Balancing-Night-Cream   4.8 out of 5  – based on 288 reviews

Why it does for You:

  • Ultra-rich cream boosts hydration while your body rests
  • Hydrating and moisturizing your skin during the night

Primary benefits:

  • Delivers maximum hydration
  • Improves elasticity and restores suppleness
  • 3 FREE Samples with every order

Age Balancing Night Cream – Product Overview

Age Balancing Night Cream by Murad boosts hydration to the skin and maximizes this through its extensive rich cream formula.  This anti-aging product contains Soybean Sterols and Wild Yam Extract to boost the smoothness of the skin and help with collagen formation.

It’s a very well balanced skin care product that contains Retinol, which helps control breakouts as well as with clearing out the pores.  The popularity and effectiveness of the product has been featured in the Fitness magazine due to its strong anti aging skin care formula. In addition it also increases the overall elasticity and agility of the skin.

Age Balancing Night Cream – Product Description

Resurgence® Night Regimen is an excellent night formula that you can apply to your skin. It minimizes and reduces wrinkles efficiently due the amount of fatty acids in this product’s formula. It improves the texture of the skin thoroughly by supporting the cell turnover process. It is a very safe product to use, and it is considered to be a complete anti aging treatment formula.

This product helps protect your skin at night with anti oxidants. It is relatively easier for your skin to absorb nutrients when you are asleep at night.  Therefore by applying Resurgence® Night Regimen to your skin before going to bed causes your skin to undergo the rejuvenation process while your body is at rest.  Hence this product proves to be a very good source for reducing the impacts of aging on your skin.

For optimal effect, experts suggest that you apply this mineral rich cream on to your face at least on a nightly basis to achieve the desired results. 

Age Balancing Night Cream – Pros

  • Excellent ultra rich nightly cream formula that gets your youthful looks back on track.
  • You will get 3 FREE Samples with every order.
  • There is a 30 day return policy and there is FREE Shipping on this product.
  • Thorough clinical testing shows that this product is great for hydrating and moisturizing the skin during the night.
  • This rich anti aging cream has a very positive effect on your skin, and it helps produce more collagen to help your skin become stronger and younger looking.
  • All the ingredients are clearly listed on the webpage for this product.

Age Balancing Night Cream- Cons

  • The product is a bit on the pricy side, but it has a very rich mineral cream based formula and really works wonders on your skin.  


Age Balancing Night Cream is the complete anti aging nightly cream solution for your skin. It is indeed your total skin protection formula. If you desire to have a beautiful skin that glows and want those younger looks, then you have landed yourself a great product.

Its effectiveness is measured by the successful testimonials of the customers and many people have had tremendous results with this Age Balancing Night Cream.  It has proven to be one of the best-liked night creams. You can get your product today and take advantage of increasing elastin and collagen content in your skin while you are asleep during the night.


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