Skin Care Guide – Part 3

Basic Skin Care Routine – What? When? How?

As you should already know by now, the best skin care regimen strongly depends on the skin type. So if you don’t know your skin type yet, then identify your skin type first.

Best Skin Care Regimen for Normal Skin

If you are a lucky owner of normal skin, than your daily skin regimen is really simple:

  • Cleanse your skin twice a day with a soap-free, alcohol-free cleanser. Most soaps contain sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) that causes skin irritation and may lead to dermatitis, while alcohol causes skin dryness.
  • Apply oil-free, non-greasy moisturizer to damp skin straight after cleansing. Although for normal skin this step is strictly speaking optional, the consequence of skipping moisturization is that someday your skin may turn into dry type. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to run this risk or not.
  • Always apply sunscreen with minimum SPF15 and where protective clothing even if you spend the whole day indoors. The thing is that glass blocks only UVB rays responsible for tanning, while UVA rays penetrates the window glass freely causing skin aging and may ultimately lead to skin cancer. So by all means, unless you spend all time in a vault, always apply sunscreen.
  • Once a week apply exfoliating mask or moisturizing mask to your face.

Best Skin Care Regimen for Dry Skin

For dry skin stick to the following daily routine:

  • Once or twice a day cleanse your skin with a soap-free, alcohol-free cleanser. Ideally, the cleanser you use should also be moisturizing.
  • Straight after cleansing, while your skin is still slightly damp, apply an effective moisturizer. Applying it to damp skin helps to lock in moisture and prolong the moisturization effect. As opposed to normal and oily skin, you can use moisturizers that are oil-based or contain some oil. Also moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid or sodium PCA that are similar to natural moisturizing agents of the skin are preferable.
  • If your skin gets dry quickly after applying a moisturizer, then you may want to consider using a long-lasting moisturizer instead. To find it, look for moisturizers containing any of the following ingredients: colloidal oatmeal, dimethicone or cyclomethicone.
  • Apply a moisturizing mask to your face once a week.
  • Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15 to all uncovered parts of your body.
  • Drink minimum 2 litres of water a day.
  • Avoid the use of body washes and laundry powder/tablets with harsh detergents like sodium laureth sulfate (SLS).

For more details on how to properly moisturize dry skin, read our guide on appropriate moisturization.

Best Skin Care Regimen for Oily Skin

This is what you should do daily if you have oily skin:

  • Use a cleanser with salicylic acid to wash your skin twice a day. Salicylic acid in known to reduce sebum production and thus reduce the oiliness of your skin.
  •  For extremely oily skin use a cleanser with alcohol which dries the skin and hence reduces its oiliness.
  • Moisturizing for oily skin is usually not required, but if you feel the need to hydrate your skin than use a moisturizer which is oil-free and non-comedogenic (doesn’t cause blackheads by blocking the skin pores).
  • Apply oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreen you expect sun exposure during the day.
  • Treat your face with clay or mud mask once a week.
  • If after all the steps above your skin still feels too oily, then try applying products that decrease sebum production. Among those are topical creams with vitamin A such as retinol, retinyl palmitate or retinal; retinoids including adapalene, tazarotene, retinyl linoleate, retinaldehyde, retinol, and tretinoin (Retin A); sulphur creams and azeleic acid. Be aware that some of those (like strong sulphur creams and retinoids like Renova and Retin-A) require prescription, so if you feel the need to use them – see a dermatologist first.

Best Skin Care Regimen for Combination Skin

People with combination skin should adhere to the following regimen:

  • The trick here is to treat dry and oily skin areas separately and differently. Don’t forget about your scalp.
  • Cleanse your skin twice a day with a mild cleanser free of harsh detergents (SLS like), soap and alcohol. A perfect cleanser would also contain salicylic acid or similar oil production reducer.
  • Wash your hair every other day with either antidandruff or anti-yeast shampoos intermittently. Look for shampoos containing pyrithione zinc, selenium sulphide (antidandruff) or ketoconazole (anti-yeast). Once the problem is under control, you can switch to washing twice a week.
  • Straight after washing (and during the day if necessary) apply oil-free moisturizer to dry skin areas only.
  • Apply oil-free sunscreen to all sun-exposed parts of the body.
  • Do clay mask for oily skin and moisturizing mask for dry skin areas once a week.

Best Skin Care Regimen for Sensitive Skin

If you are of those who suffer from hypersensitive skin, then this is your optimal skin care regimen:

  • Only use skin care products containing minimum of perfume, colourings and preservatives.
  • Avoid using toners, as most of them are alcohol based and contain some irritants.
  • Avoid acidic skin care products such as some retinoids and those containing alpha hydroxy acid.
  • Avoid washing agents and laundry products containing harsh detergents.
  • Use minimum of makeup if you must giving preference to easy-removable ones, but completely avoid commercial makeup removers. To remove makeup apply a cotton wool swab slightly dampened with virgin olive oil.
  • Apply non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic moisturizer to damp skin straight after cleansing to seal the moisture.
  • Use moisturising cleanser free of soap and alcohol to cleanse your skin twice daily.

Apply oil-free, hypoallergenic sunscreen whenever you expect exposure to sun.

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