Essential-C-Night-Moisture 4.7 out of 5 — based on 75 reviews

Why it does for You:

  • Encourages healthy cell renewal
  • Reveals younger-looking skin overnight

Primary benefits:

  • Reduces morning creases
  • Neutralizes toxins and fights free radicals
  • 3 FREE Samples with every order

Essential-C Night Moisture – PRODUCT OVERVIEW

Murad’s Essential-C Night Moisture product helps to rejuvenate healthy looking skin cells via its powerful time-tested clinical formula. It has the ability to inhibit the free radical production and the potential damage caused by it, and it helps to lower morning creases as well.  Essential-C Night Moisture is an effective night moisturizer product that helps with improvements in softening the skin.

It is a highly valuable product because it helps boost the body’s power to restore and treat dry skin related issues, so overall process is quite natural and taking place while you are asleep. Thus it helps with skin chemistry in a very natural, effortless manner.

With this product, one has to religiously follow daily usage as per the product instructions in order to see good results.  In doing so, you can acquire softer, younger looking and thicker skin, as well as boost the collagen levels in your skin cells.

Essential-C Night Moisture – PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

Essential-C Night Moisture formula reactivates and treats damaged skin cells. This moisturizer helps with retaining moisture on the inner and deeper layers of your skin. It is an excellent product for those suffering from dry skin problems. It combats collagen reduction issues by boosting and maintaining collagen in the skin cells, and in addition helps with increasing elastin levels.

Fatty acids and structural proteins are a great necessity for your skin and the Essential-C Night Moisture formula helps with their retention on the skin. Your skin can only be healthy if essential nutrient concentrations work at inner skin cellular levels, so that the skin cell functions in a healthy way.  The ingredients in this product help thoroughly with this crucial skin renewal process, thus allowing for deeper skin regeneration.

Essential-C Night Moisture formula helps the skin replenish through nutrient deposits into the skin cells, thereby stimulating cells to function more healthily. This process over its due course restores depleted collagen levels and replenishes your skin, thus maximizing the effect of skin moisturization.

Essential-C Night Moisture – PROS

  • Successful clinically tested formula for various skin types, especially for dry skin.
  • There is a special DISCOUNT offer available for this product. Check out the link below.   
  • There is a 30 day return policy.
  • You will get 3 FREE Samples with every order.
  • All the ingredients are listed for this product on the official website.
  • Essential-C Night Moisture formula is rich with Shea Butter, which delivers immediate hydration to the skin and it lasts through the whole night.
  • Essential-C Night Moisture ensures that the firmness and elasticity of your skin is restored by maintaining and balancing the collagen production.  
  • Vitamin C in its formula helps brighten the skin and neutralizes the skin damage caused by free radicals. 

Essential-C Night Moisture- CONS

  • Those with oily skin may use this product with some precautionary measures.
  • FREE Shipping on this product is only available for orders over $75.


Murad’s Essential-C Night Moisture formula strengthens and reinforces the cellular skin.  This product helps your skin work more effectively and efficiently in order to boost the retention of the its moisture naturally. The scientists at Murad are dedicated in bringing out a superb moisturizing Night cream product for the skin.

The product helps you achieve fabulous and younger looking skin through its strong, effective, potent and clinically tested formula. You can get this product today and find out as to how effective it can be in combating any dry skin issues. Murad’s Essential-C Night Moisture formula provides you with a great anti aging skin solution, so try it today and enjoy the benefits of younger and more beautiful look you deserve!


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